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Holman Heating install regular, system and combination boilers.  We offer a free no obligation home survey with knowledgeable advice on which boiler is right for you, your home and budget.

We also install magnetic filters and the latest smart thermostats, like nest and hive, as well as the traditional thermostats.

Power Flushing

Our new boiler installations are always fully power flushed to maintain their efficiency and the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Regular/Conventional Boilers

Regular Boilers

Regular boilers also known as conventional or heat only boilers are perfect for homes with an existing heating and hot water system and a hot water cylinder.

The regular boiler requires a cold water storage tank in the loft that feeds the cylinder, along with a tank that maintains the water level of the central heating system.

A regular boiler is ideal for families using a lot of hot water at the same time.  And where homes have more than two bathrooms.

They are a good choice of boiler in areas where the water pressure is low.

Regular boilers are compatible with solar water heating systems.  Lowering your carbon footprint and reducing energy bills.

Combi or Combination Boilers

A ‘combi’ or combination boiler is a high efficiency water heater and central heating boiler combined into a compact unit.  The combi boiler heats the water that comes directly from your water main when you turn on the tap.

This type of boiler is good for saving space within your home as you will no longer need a hot water cylinder or water tanks in the loft.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Combi Boiler.

Combi boilers need a good water flow rate in order to supply a powerful shower pressure.

For large, busy households with 2 – 3 bathrooms, the combi boiler may not be able to produce enough hot water for showers and baths simultaneously.

Combi boilers are compact and ideal for small properties.  The combi boiler system also frees up loft space for conversions.

Boiler Plus

Boiler Plus is new legislation introduced by the government to improve energy efficiency within homes in the UK on all new combi boilers installed into existing heating systems.

Central Heating Installations

System Boilers

System boilers are economical and are ideal for homes with more than one bathroom.  They have a built in pressure vessel and pump, so there is no need for a water tank in the loft.  This makes them a good option for freeing up loft space for living.

System Boilers Need A Hot Water Cylinder

A water cylinder is needed with a system boiler to store hot water.  This makes them an ideal choice for larger families using hot water for showers and baths simultaneously.  As a constant supply of hot water can be provided when needed.

System boilers are compatable with solar water heating systems.  Saving you money on energy bills and lowering your carbon footprint.

Gas system boiler

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