Our Home Surveys

Holman Heating are your local natural gas and LPG central heating installations engineers.  We can offer you sound advice on re-designing or upgrading your heating system.

We carry out home surveys to all new boiler or central heating installation projects in order to prepare an accurate quote of works, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Our Home Survey and What To Expect

On our home surveys we will discuss with you your existing heating system and current boiler location.  And we will find out whether you are happy with the amount of heat and hot water that it’s providing you.

Our engineer will check your existing pipe work, and where your gas pipe reduces in size.  He will discuss and advise on any additional pipe work that needs to be installed or upgraded.  Sometimes, carpets and floors need to be raised to carry out this work.

Combi Boilers and Unvented Cylinders

Your engineer will measure your water flow rate and check the diameter of your cold water main.  If your property has a low flow rate the installation of combi boilers and unvented cylinders is unsuitable.  A new water main may be required if you decide you would like these installed.

Regular/Conventional Boilers
Central Heating Installations

Your Chosen Boiler

We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen boiler with you.  So that you can make the right choice for your home and lifestyle.

Your engineer will also need to check your electricity supply for the routing of any cables that need to laid, for controls and boiler pump over-run.

We’ll discuss with you the functionality of your radiators.  And whether you are happy or not with the heat they provide.  We can also check radiator valves for leaks and corrosion.

Traditional Controls or Smart Controls

Your engineer will look at your existing controls and talk you through the procedure to upgrading to smart controls, if you would like these installed.

We will need to check the route for your condensate.  Old boilers are non-condensing and do not produce condensate.  A viable condensate route will need to be sourced to meet current legislation.

Your Old Flue

A new boiler will require a different flue due to new boiler model or relocation.  So, your engineer will need to check the position of your existing flue to determine where the new flue will be sited.

Our Free No Obligation Home Survey

Visiting you and your home gives us the best opportunity to provide you with an accurate gas boiler or heating system quotation.  We want to outline for you the exact work to be carried out and the cost.

For further information on booking your free home survey.

 Please call us on 07788 245486 or email us at holmanheatingservices@gmail.com and we will be happy to help.